Balance your body chemistry and restore your health!


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Chances are you’re here because you need relief from several—or even all—of today’s common health problems including weight gain, digestive distress, sleep disturbances, hormonal fluctuations, pain, fatigue, allergies, thyroid dysfunction, blood sugar problems, high blood pressure/cholesterol… the list could go on. Chances are you’ve tried the medical route or even several alternative routes with little or temporary success.  But just to settle for increasingly poor health for the rest of your life isn’t an acceptable option.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place.  Nutritional Balancing can help you with all of the above and more, unlike other health programs which are merely symptomatic in their approach. This program is unique in its ability to help people achieve DEEP and lasting healing because it targets the root cause of the problem: a body chemistry that has become unbalanced due to environmental toxins, poor quality food and water, insufficient rest, and mental and emotional stress.

What is Nutritional Balancing ?

Nutritional Balancing rebalances your body’s chemistry with proper diet and mineral supplementation.  Minerals are key because they make up the chemistry of the body. “[M]inerals are required for thousands of essential enzyme systems, to rebuild all the body parts, for the brain, nervous system, digestive system and every other system of the body” (Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD).  Your minerals and the ratios they have to each other are directly linked to your vital functions—such as the adrenal and thyroid. As the ratios are brought back into balance, these functions are restored to optimal health, and uncomfortable and painful symptoms disappear on their own.

How does Nutritional Balancing work?

Nutritional Balancing uses hair analyses to ascertain your oxidation rate (the way your body responds to stress) and your mineral ratios.  From there it works to raise your body’s vitality—or adaptive energy (the key to all healing)—by bringing your oxidation rate and mineral ratios back into balance.  As the body’s adaptive energy increases, so does its ability to rid itself of toxic heavy metals and heal itself of disease.  Through continued, periodic hair testing, the program is adjusted to meet the ever-changing needs of your body as it is slowly restores itself to health.

If this process sounds right for you, call me today so we can get started.  I am excited and committed to helping you achieve….radiant health.  It IS possible.

Blessings and healing,